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Saturday, 15 September 2018 / Published in Porn Network
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DogFart Network doesn’t have the most attractive name in the world of porn and it’s quite terrible if we think about it, but it lets you in on a little insight, they specialize in very dirty stuff. The collection they promote has no shame whatsoever. If you are a guy who likes everything as hardcore as possible, you will love the videos and galleries of this network. Launched back in 2007, the network became popular really fast, mainly because of the intensity of their content. If every video that shows sex scenes where the genitals are fully exposed is considered hardcore porn, then the content of this network is something out of this world. First of all, the main niche of the network is telling us a lot about the kind of action on the DogFart collection. It’s all about interracial sex, which basically means black guys with huge dicks banging white chicks till they can’t walk straight anymore. However, the network also has the reverse of this niche, in the form of several sites in with the black girls get banged by white dudes and even a site of interracial lesbian content. All other aspects of the site are great, including the collection’s size, the platform on which you will get it and the price of the membership. Keep reading and find out more about each aspect of DogFart Network.

The Site

Before we dive into the review of the services and content offered by DogFart Network, let’s have a look at their site. An online adult entertainment company can’t expect to hold on to its fans if it offers poorly design and non-functional websites. However, all sites of DogFart Network are just great when it comes to navigation. It’s the perfect environment in which you can watch some dirty porn. The home site of the network gives you the chance to easily browse the whole collection, based on specific search criteria and filters. However, the advanced search function is lacking, which means that the results won’t be that precise, but you will still find what you are looking for in less than two minutes. Once you found the video you’re in the mood for, you can either stream it online or download it in your computer. The online streaming is done in full HD or standard quality. You will have multiple download options. First of all, there are HD and SD versions of each movie available for download either as MP4 or as WMV. You can also choose from downloading the whole movie or just bits of it. There’s a favorite button on the Flash player built in the site, but that’s about it with its features. No filmstrip, like buttons or comment sections are available.

The Collection

As I said in the introduction of this review, DogFart Network is based entirely on interracial porn. However, it’ so niche that only includes one kind of interracial porn: black-on-white sex. The best part is that they feature all kinds of black-on-white sex. Most of the collection is about black guys banging white chicks, that’s true. But, there are also other variations of black-on-white porn. There is the Cumbang site’s collection, which is about a gang of white rednecks who are going around and having bukkake gangbangs with beautiful black models. ZebraGirl is all about black-on-white lesbian sex and WeFuckBlackGirls is pretty obvious that it’s about white dudes giving it to some ebony porn stars. The collection is pretty cool and it’s also big enough to keep you busy for at least a couple of years. If you are really into interracial sex, you will be delighted by every single video of this network. Since the site features 3,875 at the moment, you won’t have to worry about looking for another porn source in the next 5 years. Besides 20-30 minutes videos, the site features photo galleries as well. Summed up, the galleries put together some 650,000 photos. All this collection is spread over 22 sites, it’s 100% exclusive and it can be downloaded with no limits.

The Porn Stars

When it comes to ethnicity, this network is based on Black and White, so the majority of models are white chicks and black dudes. But because the network lives a little diversity, there are many black porn stars and white male performers as well. Like every other network that featured BBC content the site also brought some Asian chicks in, to get their tight cunts ravished by the monster dongs of the male performers. About 60 Asian models can be found throughout the sites of DogFart, as well as a decent number of Latinas. Even if the network is niched on black-on-white porn, it has more diversity than many of the other mainstream porn networks. The diversity is also applied to appearance, since the collection provides skinny and chubby bitches, big and small boobs, blondes, brunettes, redheads and more. The age is not that diversified, with most of the models between 25 and 35, but several MILFs and college sluts can be found as well. Overall, the DogFart network features 1,273 porn stars and all of them are hungry for black long cocks.

The Memberships

There is no reason for which you should think twice when considering this network as your next porn source. It has everything you want: a great platform, a professional porn collection, enough content to justify the price of the membership and an ever growing collection which brings at least 4-5 movies every week. Overall, this is a 23 sites network and you will only pay the price of one. With $29.99, you can enjoy every movie in this network for a month. If you choose to spend more time with the network, let’s say three months, you will spend only $19.99 per month, billed as $59.99 in one installment. The cheapest price per month comes if you buy the yearly membership at $119.88, which gives you full access on the network for a little less than $10.  All you need to do is go over on the site and fill in the payment form. When you do that, make sure to uncheck the cross sale. There is an additional offer when you’ll be putting in the credit card info. If you don’t want that extra offer, just click to uncheck it. The billing will be discrete and there are no complaints of fraud or failed payments.


It’s true that sex with black guys is mostly a white chick’s fantasy, but if you know porn, you have to admit that black guys can make porn stars scream. A model can’t fake moans, screams and orgasms when she gets drill with a foot long cock, and that’s the secret of the DogFart collection. Also, the size of the collection is pretty impressive and the quality of the videos is quite great. What I’m trying to say is that DogFart is a network that justifies its memberships costs and if you want to have some porn at your disposal that could entertain you every time, you should really consider joining it’s ever-growing community. If you need more to convince yourself of their offer, go for the $0.99 trial membership, which will give you access to the members area for a day, so that you can see the insights of the network. Have fun!

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